The shakedown of public employees is over. Compulsory union dues or fees have been ruled unconstitutional. If you are a Union member and you wish to resign from the Union and pay $0.00 in dues or fees, you can send this resignation letter to both the Union and your employer* via certified postal mail to prove the date it was received.

*A google search should reveal the mailing address of the state union and the name of the state union president or executive director to send your Union resignation letter (alternatively you could use your local Union president if you know that person's mailing address). For your employer, your local Human Resources director may be the best contact person to receive your Union resignation letter. Keep a copy of both letters! Feel free to let us know if you have any problems with maintenance of membership.

For public employees that are part of a monopoly collective bargaining unit, the Janus decision means you are still reperesented by the Union for collective bargaining, contract administration, grievances, etc. But now:

1. Union members pay full Union dues.

2. Non-members pay $0.00.


Union bosses don't like so-called "free riders"?

A public employee who has no choice about Union representation is a not a free rider. Such employee is a captive passenger. In any event, we have the solution to the Union bosses' concerns. It's called the Freedom of Representation Act.