Please download and edit the above two letters. Then mail them first class (note the cc: Pennsylvanians for Union Reform) if you would like to stop funding Union politics. If they don't respond to you within two (2) weeks give us a call.

If the Union doesn't let you immediately resign Union membership they can be sued in federal court. When that happens they prefer to settle the case. To learn more click the questions below.

1. I was told that I am not allowed to resign Union membership until 15 days before the Union contract expires. Is that correct?
2. Are all public sector Union members are required to pay for Union political activity?
3. My Union says that dues are not used for political spending. Are they lying?
4. How come my Union requires me to pay for their political spending as a condition of being a member? Why can't I join without paying for Union politics?
5. If I become a fair share fee-payer, isn't that like having no Union representation?
6. How come my Union doesn't advertize that members can switch to fair share status to only pay for representational services?
7. Why does my Union make me resign my membership to cut off the political spending? It's not fair that the only way I can vote on my employment contract is if I pay for political spending that I oppose.
8. What is Right to Work?

In June 2014 AFSCME sent this letter to fair share feepayers (who only pay for representation services) calling them weak for not signing up to pay for the Union's political activity. Why are Union dues a higher rate than fair share fees? Because Union dues are spent on politics.