Pennsylvania State Law (Act 84 of 1988) requires Unions - serving as the monopoly bargaining agent for non-Union employees - to send non-Union employees an "annual notice" (sometimes called a 'Hudson notice'). PSEA typically mails out this notice to several thousand non-Union school employees all across Pennsylvania in December each year. Here is PSEA's December 2015 notice. Other unions will have a similar looking type notice.

Somewhere buried inside the annual notice are instructions for how the non-Union employee can challenge how the Union calculates the fair share fee. The process seems cumbersome, expensive, and not worth it. Sometimes the Union's instructions are flat out wrong and can be challenged but not many employees know this. Most non-Union employees therefore end up deciding not to file a challenge. But it is the right of every non-Union employee to file such a challenge. This right extends to those objectors who may already have a valid religious objection such that their fair share fees are going to charity instead of the Union. Religious objectors can STILL object to the calculation of the fee. It is an annual event.

The Rules that govern the challenge of fair share fees are the American Arbitration Association's Rules for Impartial Determination of Union Fees. Rule 7 reads: "Any party may be represented by counsel or by another authorized representative." Here is an example objection letter. There is no cost to any fee payer who chooses Pennsylvanians for Union Reform/Simon Campbell to be their advocate representative in a fair share fee challenge. For more information please call 215-642-8949.

Freedom of association works all ways, not just the Union way

Most non-Union feepayers are Right to Work advocates who support the legislative initiative to end compulsory Unionism. It is unfortunate that some school entities see themselves as "gate-keepers" under the Right to Know Law. They see themselves as tools of PSEA or other Unions. Freedom of association works all ways not just the union way. The right of non-Union fee payers and their advocates to freely and voluntarily associate is a protected Constitutional right.